Previewing the 2017 Calendar with Notts TV

  • Greens Mill and Nottingham Skyline

On the 5th of August I got was invited to speak on The 6.30 Show from Notts TV to give a glimpse into the work I do as well as previewing this year’s Calendar Project .

On storytelling – pictures speak louder then words , and as photographers we can use a variety of techniques to deliberately draw attention to certain things happening in out images. Composition. Depth of field (or lack thereof) , colours , scale , proportion. Not sure if I quite got that across at first in the interview!

The image above of Green’s Mill and Wollaton Hall demonstrates this – taken in February where I had the use of a AF-S 80-400mm for another project I was working on – but was curious to see how it could be used for a “traditional” landscape image.

As for the view of Arnold Lane – it epitomizes why I’m drawn to night-time photography so much. Had to climb a steep hill from the bottom – with light being so dark a red LED head torch was a necessity. Then needed to get lucky with wind which was blowing a bit and making images less sharp from the top of a ridge. Luckily the clouds didn’t completely blow over and white things out. It’s difficult to execute – but very rewarding when things go right!

In terms of this year’s calendar in light of the ringing endorsement by the host I’ll be speaking very shortly to some local retailers now I’ve got samples in. Will keep you posted!



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