I really enjoy getting to know people and candidly observing them , discovering images which help you share the passions and personality of your team , and the things you make and do with your stakeholders and customers over a session. I can make a variety of images – headshots , team images within this candidly. I’d be more than happy to consult beforehand and develop a brief so you can make the most of the opportunity on the day as a personal branding photographer.

My images can also be used in a wide variety of cases – allowing you and your company’s people to be recognised and seen on LinkedIn and your company websites , annual reports , and also in press releases.

Thanks to Lamar for being flexible and producing really prompt results to my specifications. … He has a skill in capturing what’s going on without intruding on the action and quietly followed the walk so I almost forgot he was there. He has a great eye for the details – which is what I’m also looking at on my tours – so I think his photos will really add something special to my website and social media promotions.

Lucy Brouwer , Watson Fothergill Walk