I help creatives , brands , and people doing things out of the mould be discovered by their audiences through the images I craft. By combining the art of visual storytelling with a scientific approach I will help you tell your story visually.

I’ve been fortunate to have been discovering new ways and sights of the world around me as a photographer for the last decade.

I think of photography as both an art , and a science and I’m always curious and am asking questions to see if I can make new discoveries visually. Having studied Mathematical Physics and also worked in a seed library assisting researchers gives me a deep insight and curiosity into how the world works – including the technicalities of photography.

When I first began making images the craft of photography took on the purpose of an outlet which helped me gain confidence and manage effects of Asperger’s Syndrome along with anxiety. I have been recognised through the Nottingham Young Creative Awards , and chosen for exhibition alongside nationally recognised photographers with the Connected exhbition series.

With the help of the Princes Trust I’ve gone into business to share the joy of my creative expression through developing a range of prints and merchandise. I also collaborate with creative organisations and brands which help them communicate the exciting things they do and make with their audiences , with the images which I discover.

I can also be found sometimes on the potting wheel , enjoying working with clay and ceramics as another creative outlet. The sport of F1 is something I enjoy for the sheer technical ingenuity and innovations found by the engineers building the cars. Finally I’m a massive sucker for shoegaze music , and sometimes exotic blends of tea…


Get in touch with me by telephoning 0757 577 4331 or by filling out the form below :