For me photography serves as both an art and a science – before developing my practice I studied an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Physics.

This background has helped me gain a deep insight into the inner workings of digital photography . Another useful thing I learnt was how to use existing ideas and apply them in novel ways. This translates into the photography I make bringing prominence to help creative organisations and businesses express their brands uniquely.

I first took up the camera while studying for my degree – as someone who is autistic I felt it helped me to navigate the world and find my role within it , while having the freedom to be whatever I can be with creative expression. I was recognised for this by the Nottingham Young Creative Awards , as a prize winner for their Photography category.

Another part of the work I do is sharing my craft with other people and helping them learn to express themselves focussing on photography as a source of wellbeing and I have worked with clients including the NHS , and Young Creatives Nottingham on this.

Alongside the work I do I enjoy travelling and photographing urban spaces – especially after dark too.

Away from the camera , the sport of F1 is something I enjoy for the sheer technical ingenuity and innovations found by the engineers building the cars. I enjoy computer hardware and PC gaming too , following developments and innovations in that space as well as building my own custom editing PC…Finally I’m a massive sucker for shoegaze music , and experimenting with matcha recipes , as well as the odd cookie from time to time , maybe too much ;

Here’s some interviews with me where I talk about my craft and the work I do…

Innovative People's Podcast - Skilled Hands CIC


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