The Art of The Candid

This is how I can help...

For Small/medium businesses who are looking to bring to life their people and their products , with a particular emphasis on the candid : 

  • A selection of candid photographs taken of their business and the people within them – with license and scope for use in social media in a visual medium.
  • I use of the craft of photography and specialised off camera lighting equipment to tell a story about your business and provide images which help you stand out in a world full of images which your audience consume.

For theatre production companies who want visuals which tell the story of their performance to their audiences…

  • I make the best out of stage lighting setups with equipment which can work with low light so that your the story of your production is faithfully told with the lighting that you’ve designed for it specifically.

For Events managers and planners who want to bring their work to life and promote what they do :

  • Photography of candid scenes and events in challenging lighting conditions so I can faithfully tell the story of your event.
  • A selection of images , approx 5-10 within 24 hours of the end of an event so you can share images via social media quickly while the event is still live.
  • Other images available within 1-2 weeks . Quality over quantity , with all images I deliver being meaningful meaning less time can be spent choosing. Images are exported ready for use in social media and print , without need for additional software
  • Branded images with watermark for social media available as an option and with licensing options to cover usage within social media , print , and also local ,national and trade press


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