“Venturing into Nocturnal Nottingham” – Exhibition Launch

12th May 2018
by Lamar Francois
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Unveiling an exhibition , where , in conjunction with Sobar and Double Impact I showcase some sights from Nottingham’s landmarks and streets under the cover of dusk. I’ll be featuring some prominent landmarks along with some more hidden gems from the streets.

15% of the sale price of the images will be donated to the Double Impact charity , which operate Sobar to assist their work in helping people recover from substance addiction.

The exhibition will feature a launch night from 6pm on Friday 25th of May , along with I’m Not From London providing some musical entertainment along the way. I’ll be providing a short talk detailing more about the inspirations behind this project , as well as how and why I do the work that I do.

On the launch night:

– I’ll be giving a talk behind the scenes of the images which have gone into the exhibition – as well as discussing my inspiration and methods as a photographer , being inspired by science.

– Musical entertainment will be provided courtesy of the fine folks at I’m Not From London

– A showcase of my work to be shown via a slideshow mini exhibition

Creative people and things in Nottingham – Including a look at the creative side of Nottingham including takes from Nottingham Puppet Festival with City Arts , Wolfgang Buttress , Louise White Theatrician and more.

Exploring the Urban Landscape : my street and architecture documentary from many cities within the UK , including a study from Angel Court , the Tall Building of The Year in Central London.

Telling stories : Some examples of my commercial documentary projects as well as a variety of candid street scenes.

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