Open House ’17 – Observations from Angel Court…

The next site I’d decided to take a look at on my Open House trip after visiting Container City and the Trinity Buoy Wharf out near Greenwich was to look at the recently redeveloped Angel Court , right at the heart of the City near to the Bank of England.

Three show floors were open to us to explore on a guided tour – these haven’t been fitted out at the time of visiting but the idea is that the space could be used as an open plan office , or with partition walls installed to divide the space into individual offices with full height windows.

The most interesting thing for me was watching how other visitors interacted looking out of the windows of the spectacular London skyline – and seeing the full height skyline frame the silhouette of the visitors as they walked around and explored the floor space.

Finally thanks to Fletcher Priest Architects , for organising the Open House access , this being one of their projects. Furthermore they have licensed a selection of these images to be used in their publicity and marketing materials.



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