Standing In This Place with Rachel Carter

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As a commercial photographer who thrives on telling stories through candid images , it was a wonderful experience to work with Rachel Carter with her Standing In This Place project.

During the first phase of the project my role was to create a series of candid documentary images at a series of events Rachel had hosted. In these she held a series of dance workshops for women over 50 . I also documented a celebration event in which two dancers would be selected to be cast in the statue she is commissioning , which also featured clog dancing from a local group. Finally I was invited along with the group to document a visit to a photogrammetry session in Gloucester as the pose with the two dancers would be developed and captured – creating a 3d model from which the statue would be cast. My work was printed for display in an exhibition with the Nottingham Society of Artists  – and will continue to be used thereafter in exhibitions as part of the next phase of the project at various venues.

Lamar became a part of the team for the project Standing In This Place, to create a new sculpture for Nottingham. His brief: to become a fly on the wall, to capture the key moments of the project which engaged over 200 women and produce a series of images that could be used in a gallery exhibition. The women and I felt very comfortable having Lamar working with us, his approach and methods are quiet and considered, and we quickly forgot he was recording us. The resulting images, which totalled over 200, were amazing, he captured such beautiful moments of joy, movement through dance and milestone moments of the project. His style of photography highlighted the community participation within the project through his stunning imagery. I’d be happy to recommend Lamar to anyone and look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Rachel Carter Sculptor BA –


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