Celebrating Nottingham Forest’s Premier League Promotion with Visit Nottinghamshire

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I was invited to document and follow the celebrations by Visit Nottinghamshire as Nottingham Forest were promoted back to the Premier League , after a 22 year hiatus after winning the Championship Play-Offs 1-0 against Huddersfield Town in May 2022.

This was in two parts – on the Play Off Sunday I was invited to document the general atmosphere as many fans had settled into local bars to watch the game and I found a spot at The Loxley on Pelham Street , then follow the celebrations in Old Market Square immediately afterwards on the evening! Images had to be filed back to Visit Nottinghamshire for press releases on the Monday!

The second part was to document the homecoming celebrations on the Market Square where the team celebrated with their trophy in front of thousands of fans. My brief was the photograph from a high vantage point to capture the scale of the celebrations on a historic occasion for the city with Kinga and her team at Visit Nottinghamshire on the day , before getting some closer images of the team raising the trophy from the Old Market Square.

We have worked with Lamar on the celebrations of Nottingham Forest promotion to the Premier League that took place at Old Market Square in Nottingham in 2022. It was a special day for all Nottingham Forest fans and supporters but also the whole of Nottingham as thousands gathered in the city centre to show appreciation, gratitude, and support to their sporting heroes.

Working with Lamar was a pleasure from start to finish. Lamar has taken some stunning shots of Nottingham celebrating Forest’s win a day prior the Old Market Square celebrations. He also met us on the day and took some stunning shots from one of the tallest buildings in the Old Market Square and from within the crowds celebrating the historic Nottingham Forest promotion. Lamar has followed the brief we sent to him really well and has also put his own creative spin on it resulting in a fantastic selection of photographs that we’re using in our promotional activities.

I would definitely recommend working with Lamar to our partners and stakeholders. In fact, we have already used his fantastic photography skills at Nottingham Partners lunch event.

Kinga Kapias – Marketing and Communications Manager at Visit Nottinghamshire 


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