Open House ’17 – Creative Spaces , Trinity Buoy Wharf

  • Open House ’17 – Creative Spaces , Trinity Buoy Wharf
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In the second part of this series on London Open House a look inside a couple of the creative spaces within the Trinity Buoy Wharf complex , opened up to the public as part of the London Open House weekend.

The Trinity Buoy Wharf accommodates many creatives working in a wide range of disciplines , from music production to clay – and I was able to have a look at two of them.

The first (from top) is the Trinity Art Studio , founded by artist Ian Robert Felton (who shares my love of the geometric and bold in his paintings!) , offering a work space for painters and fine artists – , one of whom I was fortunate to be able to meet and have a quick chat , photographed alongside her art.

The second space is the home of Artyface , founded by Maud Milton –  a project which works with the public sector to make art for playgrounds and public spaces , involving the work of local schoolchildren directly in the design and construction of mosaics and murals.

Next up I’ll be having a look around Angel Court , back further towards the City…

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