On The Park Garden Trail 2019 , Part 2

20th July 2019
by Lamar Francois

Exploring a wide variety of interesting landscaped gardens within The Park Estate , Nottingham in June 2019 . The gardens , part of private residences were opened up to members of the general public by their owners during the biennial Park Garden Trail event , raising funds for local charities in the process.

As one of the event sponsors I had been offered the opportunity to create a set of images which focussed on showcasing the landscape design features of the gardens – which varied massively in terms of scale , but all of which had a variety of fascinating unique features and small details which set each of them apart.

This set of images I made would be used within a variety of media , print and social media to help the committee showcase their event more effectively , attracting more visitors with improved marketing tools , and in turn being able to raise more funds for charity. They will also act as a showcase of the wonderful work put in by the owners of the properties to host such an event.



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