Colmore Food Festival – Part 1

The first part of a set of images I made for Colmore BID in Birmingham to photograph and document their annual Food Festival event , held over two days in early July. The Food Festival was an event held to raise the profile of food and drink businesses within the Colmore Row area of the city , with approximately 30 venues taking part , each offering a taster menu of their offers with each item being priced under £5 .

My work , was alongside a fellow specialist food and drink photographer to produce a set of images telling the story of the participating venues , their food and drink offerings along with the entertainment being held on a stage in Victoria Square throughout the two days. I also captured the Leader (Cllr Ian Ward) and Deputy ( Cllr Brigid Jones )of Birmingham City Council as they came down to sample the Festival , along with key figures from Colmore BID, along with a party held by law firm DWF , who were sponsoring the event for their clients and associates. Look out for these in further parts – I’ve needed to split this into four as there’s so much happening in the Festival!

Part 2 | Part 3 (soon) | Part 4 (soon)

The images will be used within social media , and promotional material including the Colmore Life magazine later this year – as well as promotional material for next year’s Festival.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Lamar as one of our official photographers at the Colmore Food Festival 2019. The photos he has taken at the event are amazing and really show the atmosphere of the event. Lamar got the photos to us soon after the event and we have a great set of images to use going forward to promote the Festival and for our venues to use to promote themselves.

Katy Paddock , Events Manager , Colmore BID


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