Finding Nottingham’s Eye

26th February 2019
by Lamar Francois
  • Where’s the Nottingham Eye?
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An alternative look at the Wheel of Nottingham as seen from in amongst the local cityscape after dusk.

Most of these images I’d made the last time the Wheel was installed in Nottingham two years ago , with exception of the last one which I made a couple of weeks ago at Trent Basin. I was curious at the time to present the Wheel of Nottingham in a slightly different way , instead of photographing it directly , instead considering how it related to the wider landscape. I present the older views for new followers and my new audience who I’ve come into contact with since then.

In the images the Wheel is seen from (top-bottom) Cranmer Street north of the city , Station Street , Wilford Lane , Meadows Cricket Ground near Trent Bridge , in amongst traffic near Waterway Street , and finally from Lady Bay.



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    Where was the second photo taken from?

    • mm

      Was taken from a passageway between two blocks of flats along Cranmer Street if memory serves me well!

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