Birmingham Redevelopments – Paradise and Victoria Square , Gas Street , Jan 2019

3rd March 2019
by Lamar Francois
  • 06_Paradise-GasStreet
  • Paradise Redevelopments/One Chamberlain Square
  • 02_Paradise-GasStreet
  • Paradise Redevelopments/One Chamberlain Square
  • 04_Paradise-GasStreet
  • HSBC HQ , Reflected
  • 09_Paradise-GasStreet
  • Gas Street Basin , Birmingham
  • 08_Paradise-GasStreet
  • 10_Paradise-GasStreet

With Birmingham hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2024 , large swathes of the city are undergoing redevelopment with an impressive amount of new projects being approved and built.

Back in January (2019) I had the opportunity to take a look at the redevelopments at Paradise Circus and Chamberlain Square in and around the new Library of Birmingham – since I visited only two years ago the area surrounding the Library has undergone a dramatic amount of change , with the demolition of the former library , and One Chamberlain Square being built up nearby , as well as the construction of HSBC’s new UK base nearby (6th from top).

The striking balance between new builds and the city’s industrial past is most apparent from the vantage point of a bridge near to the Gas Street entrance to the Birmingham Canal (8th from top) – with new builds beginning to dominate the nearby skyline.

This is a piece of urban landscape I’m looking forward to being able to explore further – having on this occasion had a cursory look having already explored Brindleyplace and Digbeth earlier in the day – before my evening’s work with Chung Ying Central.



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