Previewing Nottingham Calendar 2019 : July to December

30th November 2018
by Lamar Francois
  • A last trip to Nottingham Castle
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A recap of my recent social media posts previewing the 2019 edition of my Nottingham Calendar with the images I’ve chosen for each month , in this second part I concentrate on images I’ve selected for the months of July to December. Here’s a look back to the images I’ve selected for the first part of the year from January to June.

More information , and a link to ordering online can be found here.

July – Sunshine highlights steps at Nottingham Castle , seen on the final day before it closed for a major site redevelopment , due to be completed by 2020.

August– A party on a brightly lit boat highlights the carnival atmosphere of the Riverside Festival as crowds gather around the River Trent before a fireworks display.

September – Wollaton Park is cloaked by morning mist , while a colourful dawn sky highlights the silhouette of the hall.

October – An aerial take of the Goose Fair site on the Forest Recreation Ground , with the lighting of the fairground stalls and rides beginning to take effect as the evening draws in.

November – A burst of autumn along High Street in the City Centre, highlights the rear of the Council House , housing the Exchange Arcade (right) , while to the left the ornate façade of the former Boots flagship department store appears.

December –  Christmas festivities arrive in Nottingham with a look down Pelham Street at a fairground slide , constructed as part of the city’s Winter Wonderland festival



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