Where I stand with the Coronavirus situation

18th March 2020
by Lamar Francois
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Some really trying times at the minute as you can imagine. After having a promising last year and beginning to find my feet as a business the challenge obviously now is that a lot the events work I do has had to be put on hold. Not helping is that also work that I do with the University of Nottingham has had to come to a stop too , meaning a large loss of earnings. Thankfully I am being helped by some fantastic people to keep thing going for the time being.

I’m doing OK personally although like many I’ve had to go through a period of self isolation I’m just about to emerge from.

I am lucky. I started photography as a creative tool and act of self care , and self expression many years ago to be able to share my experience of the world around me. More recentlty I’ve been fortunate to be able to use it to provide a service and tell the story of the work some fantastic organisations do , and the events they offer. The image at top from my most recent event with the Chabad Lubbovitch of Nottingham and their Purim celebrations.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a front cover from my book project – From The Streets of Nottingham featuring over 50 images from my collection showcasing the urban landscape of Nottingham as well as some of the interesting events which have taken place in the last few years.

This is something I fully intend to go ahead and have launched within the next few weeks. I should be getting a final revision from my publishers this week. I’ll be sharing some excerpts on social media and will let you know when I intend to open up pre-orders from my stock soon. The best way of doing this is to sign up to my mailing list here :

I am also intending to sell a series of limited edition prints from my website – which I’ll be sharing shortly so that more of you can see the work that I do to add to the range of greetings cards currently on my online shop

The evolution of the situation in a way has been helpful with my anxiety – as the situation has gone to demonstrate impossible to really accurately predict the things which are going to happpen , and that I can be comfortable with “not knowing

I know things will come back and there will be a need for creative people and organisations to tell their stories once again through the photography I craft – and I assure you I’ll be ready to provide that service. I know that also I’ll be looking forward to using my skills to showcase the art of engineering and architecture which makes up the cities we live in too.

In the meantime it’s a case of hunkering down – and I’ll keep creating and shooting , with the time which I now have avaialble to make that happeen and I’ll be more than happy to share my results with you in the coming weeks….

Furthermore to finish I share Paul Sander’s newsletter on using photography as a practice for mindfulness – with some really worthwhile tips and creative advice.



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    Dear Lamar, thank you for detailing your experiences ,how it has helped you and changed your business outlook, Your photography is stellar as always and I am sure with your planning in place during COVID-19 you will succeed . We are here to help you and certainly I can vouch for Art Culture Tourism / ACT to continue to promote you and your work. Your determination to succeed is infectious. Bravo on your blog site and I look forward to read/seeing more of your blog stories over the following months. Take care, stay safe Lamar. Best wishes, Marysia

    • mm

      Thanks very much Marysia – indeed I’m sure I’ll be good to succeed , and come out of the Coronavirus pandemic in a stronger place then before – having an opportunity to take a break has been a blessing really , having been rushed constantly for quite a while now 🙂

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