Some first impressions from Salisbury…

Needed to take a break from my surroundings in Nottingham a couple of weeks having been very busy with preparations for my recent mini exhibition at Think   , and a fitting chance came about to stay with a friend , Hannah who’s based in Salisbury for a weekend before I got to move along to take a look at Bristol.

The town has some impressive sights – a fantastic Cathedral to boot which I got to look at later , but also a nice mix of older buildings within the town centre. Mostly I was quite taken by the efforts made with the Christmas decorations , particularly with trees along the Market Place Square (top).

From 2nd top down :

Some very purple skies helped add to the festive atmosphere of the Christmas Market which seemed moderately busy , with the town hall in front . A girl plays hide and seek around one of the pillars!

Spent quite a bit of time being intrigued by these crossroads between High Street and New Street – with there being plenty of people walking to and from the Cathedral nearby with its Advent services taking place. I did make quite a few images further long toying with the processions of people walking under the bridge towards the Cathedral – as well as some lovely shop fronts.

More purple skies along the back streets of the Cathedral , looking towards St Ann’s Gate.

Butcher Row , behind the main town square with colourful Christmas lights and bunting.

A falcon sculpture near to the town hall – backdrop provided by the town’s Christmas tree.




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