First impressions – Salford Crescent

19th August 2018
by Lamar Francois

A walk around Salford Crescent , close to where I had an apartment for a weekend and a chance to gather a feel of the local area having arrived on a train from Nottingham a couple of hours previously.

What becomes very clear very quickly is the sheer rate of change and development as the city of Salford has reciveved a large amount of inwards investment – there are some very stark juxtapositions between old and new parts of the urban landscape.

I started out by walking through the University of Salford down along Salford Crescent as the River Irwell passed by nearby (1st and 3rd) taking advantage of the warm sunshine.

After a pub meal I got to see some stark juxtapositions of old and new walking down down Adelphi Street – 5th , 6th and 7th from top – with a C-reg caravan being parked (and it seemed like it’d have been there for some time) in a gravel park in the shadow of some new apartments being constructred. One side of that street was entirely new developments , with the second being older buildings.

Two signs advertising a scrap yard , and land for storage (8th from top) marked the end of Adelphi Street , and into a part of Salford near Trinity Way which has remained relatively untouched by development so far with the former Victoria Theatre (9th from top) awaiting its fate..



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