On chasing carts with shiny toys…

  • Chasing toy karts…
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An interesting evening yesterday was spent in Beeston , Nottinghamshire – the original plan was to take a look at some new lights installed to St John’s the Baptist Church just off to the city centre .However I got rather more then I’d bargained for with some fireworks thrown in for good measure – as the town was having it’s annual Christmas lights switch-on! It was also good to meet up with a fellow photographer and blogger , Chris Frost (@gailsman) and reminisce a bit about Beeston and the Nottingham Flickr Group , who really helped fire my interest in photography in the early days..

The lead image was made just after the fireworks had all died down and the fair was beginning to pack up. Just felt like doing something a bit whimsical by chasing the toy stands (which are just trolleys) as they walked back down the high street , seeing what would result. A girl was curious about the toys on the stand as I walked behind with a slow shutter speed for a mix of fuzz and recognizability …



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