Introducing my new Patreon project – Stories and Prints

7th May 2021
by Lamar Francois
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I thought I’d launch my Stories and Prints Patreon to be able to bring to light many photographs which I’ve made over the years and turn them into collectable prints (approx A5) , each with an interesting story and theme which I will present each month.

In terms of content and themes, I’m thinking that I have a couple of focuses – with me living and growing up in Nottingham I’ve made many photographs telling the story of the development of the city and I want to showcase some of the most interesting places in Nottingham in my Patreon. I’m also intending to take a look at parks and nature in and around the city which I’ve found an affinity towards – such as Wollaton Park , Gedling Country Park and Sherwood Forest.

With monthly rewards from £5 (15 minute video interview) to £20 (two approx A5 signed photo prints mailed) I wanted to also have something to allow more people to experience my photography in an affordable way to compliment the one-off prints I have on my website , as well as my commercial commissions..

As an example , here is a recent video I’ve made discussing how Nottingham is adapting and reopening from lockdown , based around a series of photographs I made in Broad Street , highlighting how the space has been converted for outdoor dining :

My Patreon project page can be found here :



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