The Art of the Night : Goodnight from Beeston Marina

9th July 2017
by Lamar Francois
  • Skies brewing over Beeston Canal , Nottingham.
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The most memorable aspect of this particular evening was the way that some angry clouds at sunset settled down to give way to some peaceful skies as the night drew in. I made these images of Beeston Marina , and the nearby surroundings in March earlier this year.

With it being nearly four years since I’d last made photographs of the Marina I’d thought it worth popping down to have a look to see what had changed in the intervening years. This meant there weren’t many expectations on the types of images which I wanted to make. But rather just a case of watching , setting up , and responding as the evening unfolded around me – which it did quite nicely.

In the months since I’d made this set of images I’ve learnt about the death of Owen Jenkins  in the Weir. He tragically didn’t make it helping some people who had themselves got into trouble in the waters of the weir. The jetty (5th image from top) was very slippery and unguarded and I remember being very cautious about how I moved and set my tripod as a result. It’s very easy to see how someone could fall in – and it’s for the best that this particular area is being closed off as a result.



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    I know Beeston Marina well and I’ve never seen it look like this. Amazing photographs Lamar.

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    Lamar, I love your photos, they are great!

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    […] spot itself is one I’m very familiar with , having visited on quite a few photowalks , most recently back in March and I knew the concrete bank could get very slippery due to the silt and mud deposited and […]

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