Colour on the streets – Beeston Street Art Festival

28th June 2018
by Lamar Francois

A snapshot of the vibrant and colourful murals which were produced during the recent Beeston Street Art Festival , organised by Jeanie Barton and the Beeston Civic Society through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Well executed urban street art really does a good job in making a town centre a more distinctive place to be with a unique character – and these murals did a great job in that regard.

With the high street undergoing transformation with the slow decline of retail , new ways of attracting people to the town centre need to be found – and distinctive wall murals are a very good way to set a town apart from being another  “clone town” . This is where you see the same combinations of national chain businesses on many different high streets across the country , such that you couldn’t tell them apart , with minor changes in geography. It all fades into much of a muchness and this is something I’ve been witness to quite a bit photographing across quite a few different cities within the UK.

The artists who worked on the pieces (with links where possible) from top to bottom :

Neil Tunnard , Anonymous, Goya Torres , bubernebz , Emily Catherine , Boaster , Tali , Tim Onga , Duncan Mitchell




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