A look inside the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum with Broxtowe Borough Council

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As part of Broxtowe Borough Council’s relaunch of their heritage programme I was commissioned to create a series of images showcasing the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum in Eastwood , both in terms of the exhibits and collections they have as well as the people who operate the museum.

The museum has a number of rooms which have interior decor and details presented as they would have been when D.H. Lawrence was born – which I captured carefully – creating images allowing the team to showcase the museum to prospective visitors in their print and online marketing. Also , in addition to the broader interior views , I aimed to also capture a selection of the small details which went into each of the areas to give the team a good selection of views to use.

Finally , a series of images of selected staff , volunteers and visitors were created to show people engaging with the museum’s offerings – and to bring to life a friendly , helpful team who help operate the site.

Lamar was professional in his manner and approach. He worked in the museum whilst the site was open to the public and captured their natural reactions to their visit perfectly. It is obvious that he has a great eye for detail and his resultant photos were a mix of rooms, objects and people interacting in the setting. We will using the images in our marketing and website and would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a great photographer.

Alex Khan , Broxtowe Borough Council


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