Speaking through pictures...

An award-winning storyteller and problem solver , using the medium of photography to constantly discover new ways of seeing things since 2008.

My images have been recognized through the Nottingham Young Creative Awards in 2012 and have been seen in many local exhibitions , including the Perspectives event held yearly at Patchings Art Centre.

Clients including The University of Nottingham , Architects of Air , Excavate Theatre and Wolfgang Buttress have been served through my creative vision thus far.

The work I do is approached with plenty of imagination and inventiveness and aided by, following the scientific method . Through this I approach problems as a set of approach of experimentation and iteration , starting out by pre-visualising and then improvising to deliver an end result. The ultimate aim is to wind up telling stories which can only be said too quietly with words.

This novel approach is derived from my time reading a masters degree in Mathematical Physics , and it was during this time that I discovered photography and have stuck with it since , developing my craft in a largely self-taught manner.

Now I am now looking to find ways to apply my vision to develop images which tell the story of the things people do in a succinct and stylish way – and that’s where you come in!

I have £5m public liability insurance cover , a certificate of which can be seen on request as well as full insurance for my equipment.

A timeline...

It was in 2008 that I’d gotten a chance to play with a digital SLR camera for the first time when I’d gone to university as part of a university society. Straightaway I was intrigued as to what could be made using a camera. I then spent a lot of time really developing my craft as I found the medium a very useful outlet and coping mechanism to some difficult life issues I’d had to deal with.

Three years later I’d realised for the first time that making pictures was what I’d liked to do most in life , and purchased my first SLR camera system , having helped out the university society in return for their equipment. A year later my work was recognised by winning the Nottingham Young Creative Awards and I’d managed to get my first couple of jobs.

Since graduation I’ve had to have a slight reset as I’d got to grips with “the real world” , in terms of building my contacts up while working on other things , while having some false starts which presented some important lessons that have been learnt from along the way . With the generous help of the Real Creative Futures scheme and Broadway Projector I’ve rebuilt my confidence and now feel I’m looking forward to taking things further. Now I’m interested in using the medium to tell stories about the work people do , and the things they make in this world.

How did I start in photography?

My first memory related to photography was when a family friend brought in a polarioid camera when aged 7 , I remember being fascinated by how the prints managed to dry so quickly.

I didn’t start with using DSLR until the end of my first term at university , then as things would follow the rest is history.

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What is my favourite type of photography?

My pet subject matter in photography personally is cityscapes and nightscapes , and I’m often to be found wandering around at night trying not to get too cold in the middle of winter digging out and finding those unique views. I find the golden hour is extremely aptly-named here.

In June 2015 I completed the Advanced Photographer Photo24 challenge around central London!

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Other interests

I also enjoy reading about football statistics and analytics , and has had a long-standing interest in the engineering and science behind F1 , following the sport for fifteen years.

Next Steps

In need of powerful images which tell your story? Drop me a line here ->