The Sketchbook : Monochrome studies , Wollaton Park

26th February 2017
by Lamar Francois
  • Wollaton in Monochrome – February 2017
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A week or so ago what was , on the face of it , a dull Thursday morning was spent exploring Wollaton Park , Nottingham for a breather and a good walk.

Sometimes it’s just good to to and explore for a bit. Am beginning to stretch my boundaries somewhat , making the most of a positive change , living away from parents for the first time since the middle of 2012 and finding myself once again. I took the big cameras with me as the morning started out in a sunny way , but soon became very quickly overcast. Still I’d decided to explore a bit and decided the actual photography would be secondary but I’d still keep a look out in case the clouds cleared away. They didn’t , and became more pronounced.

Not that it mattered much in the end – I managed to make some interesting images in monochrome – with the flat lighting colours didn’t distinguish themselves , but by stripping them away the structures and details which they hang upon came to the fore. And these happened to be marvellous and all worthwhile.




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