The Full Shebang Festival , Mansfield – with First Art

21st February 2020
by Lamar Francois
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Some highlights from the Full Shebang Festival , held in September 2019 in Mansfield and hosted by First Art , as part of the Creative People and Places Programme by the National Lottery Arts Fund.

These images were part of a set commissioned by First Art to create a series of images documenting the festival – with a series of arts performances and installations taking place across six different hubs in Mansfield on one Saturday. The events ranged from open air acrobatics (Look Up by Hikapee) – to a tea dance workshop held within the main shopping centre , to puppetry workshops held by Aardvark Animations – the team behind Wallace & Gromit!

I aimed with the images to try and give a flavour of as much of what was happening at the Festival itself and felt I succeeded despite the wide variety of conditions and lighting from venue to venue and the inherent unpredictability of some of the events. The images would be used by First Art for their future marketing and publicity material , and serve as documentation of their project as required by the Arts Council for funding.



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