The downfall of the Broadmarsh Footbridges

3rd February 2018
by Lamar Francois

A set of images documenting the deconstruction of two footbridges over Collin Street , Nottingham connecting the Broadmarsh car park , which currently being demolished , to the adjacent shopping centre. I took these following on from a study of Maid Marian Way where I took advantage of road closures on the evening.

I was able to stay for a couple of hours to witness each of the two bridges being cut away from the car park . The visual spectacle of the cutting torches producing sparks was very well worth seeing , and the most interesting aspect of the evening. Later on in the evening they were lifted by a crane later in the evening away from their supports onto the site of the former car park , where they were to be manually dismantled.

The final image in the set  , which I made two weeks later , shows the end results of the removal of the roadbridges – where a new view of Collin Street from the nearby top of Arndale Car Park , without road bridges for the first time since the 1970s.




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