Quick takes : South Bay , Scarborough , May 2016

23rd May 2016
by Lamar Francois
  • South Bay – Scarborough

Having just returned from a stay in York which was very enjoyable I’ve now begun the task of working through my files – over 2000 images in total covering Manchester , Newcastle , Scarborough as well as many studies of the city of York itself from dusk to dawn.

Just thought I’d share this panoramic view I got of the South Bay of Scarborough – as seen from the inside of Scarborough Castle. It was a real rush to get there as I’d underestimated the sheer hill climb needed from the beach. Ran up the hill it carrying my entire bag , with tripod for later stuff) – left me sweating buckets afterwards and needing a bottle of water from the Visitor Centre afterwards!

Late afternoon sun can work pretty well for scenics – even at this time of year , giving a bright scene – but low enough in the sky to give a bit of direction and highlight feature of the landscape. Got lucky also with a touch of atmospheric haze high in the sky. (Needed careful treatment with the dehaze editing tool in Lightroom mind!). This was merged from 10 separate images to make a 60MP final edit.

See a larger version (2500px wide) here




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