Quick takes : Blur of the Tunnel

24th September 2016
by Lamar Francois
  • Blur of the tunnel…

A playful take from a couple of weeks ago of the Park-facing entrance of the Park Tunnel , Nottingham.

Who says photographs have to be tack sharp? 😉 Sharpness , and the lack of it can be a relative thing.  I was able to toy with creating “multiple exposures” – by holding the camera still for a small part of the exposure , then panning it left or right to make up the rest of the exposure. The tunnel entrance was very brightly lit relative to the foliage and weeds surrounding it (by at least 3-4 f-stops) so this meant that by panning the camera into the weeds I was able to fade the exposure on the tunnel entrance (otherwise it would blow out quickly).

The question then was to play around with how long I needed to spend on the tunnel before panning left or right – and I came to approximately 1/2 a second before moving during the remainder of the 4-second exposure to produce the trail. A similar effect can be seen with the sky above the tunnel entrance “burning in” also too here.



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