Postcards of Manchester : Seeing Double

10th October 2016
by Lamar Francois
  • Seeing Double at the Northern Quarter , Manchester
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A look at the Northern Quarter , Manchester through some of the many energetic street murals I came across – a very visual and visceral demonstration of the creative industries which can be found within the area and the diverse mix of people within the city too.

This is very much my interpretation of the energetic street life which the region offers – one of the things I enjoy doing is to mash up the existing sometimes and create new art from art which already exists – and this is very much where the opportunities lie in creating unique and memorable photography.

The idea from this came about quite spontaneously , and as I don’t tend to work very often with these type of images I used my Nikon D300’s multiple exposure feature. This meant I was able to save the results as a NEF (RAW) file so I could find out quickly whether something would work out or not.






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    Really love these photoes!! So unique and so stunning the match of colours!

    I never have seen this side of Manchester.

    • mm

      Thanks very much for the kind comments Siyue! – I’ll have more to come soon on Manchester.

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