Photo of the Month October 2016 : The West View

  • Nottingham Skyline by West View , Colwick Woods

For this month I thought a cityscape would be quite apt and fitting for the fact that the nights drawing in and autumn taking hold , and additionally , the upcoming release of my 2017 Nottingham Calendar. Details will follow by the end of the month but I’ve just taken delivery of my first set  but I’ll tease the above photograph which will feature within the calendar.

I found this while towards the back end of last year while exploring Colwick Woods off to the east of Nottingham City Centre . Large parts of the are are made of dense woodland but there is a cleared section , the West View near to an entrance – albeit up a steep wooded hill which offered quite a few opportunities and views back across to the south eastern section of the City Centre. In the image from left to right were the Hicking Building , Railway Station Car Park and the Jury’s Inn hotel all along Queens Road.

Needed to be patient with my timing and arrived well before sunset so that I could carefully watch the transition from sunlight to dusk to find the best time to photograph. Got lucky with the band of cloud reflecting the vivid oranges of the sunset which I used to build a composition around.



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