Looking north….

I’ve been spending the last month taking advantage of a chance to get out of my backyard metaphorically with a spot of travel and this is a small snippet of what I’ve managed to see so far – being able to make some quick impressions of Scarborough , Leeds , Manchester , Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Newcastle (from top-bottom) . This in addition to a substantial street scene study within York , where I’ve been kindly hosted for two and a half weeks within the last month. I’ve also been able to have a look at Brick Lane and Hackney within London briefly.

It’s been a good thing to be able to travel having been stuck in Nottingham for such a long time for a variety of reasons – and be re-energized creatively by responding by a new set of visual stimuli with my urban landscape work. Most of the impressions I made here simply came about by finding something interesting in the cityscape and recording this by wandering freely – without a lot of pre-planning or scouting. (An exception was where I sought out MediaCity UK in Manchester – the final image , as well as the Corn Exchange in Leeds – rain meant I didn’t get massively far).

In due course I’ll be writing these up with a full set of edits as a series of postcards . On my end it might well be that I end up making these into a series of prints as a little reminder as to how big the world really is outside of the sphere I live in.




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