Looking back over 2018…

30th December 2018
by Lamar Francois
  • The Chorus Line – Hilary Cartmel
  • Skipping Along
  • Corporation Oaks , Revisited
  • Intu Victoria Centre , Clock Tower Extension
  • Liberty Gate Team Portraits
  • Notts Tweetup August – Sir John Borlase Warren
  • Daedalude – Architects of Air
  • The Dead Sea – Louise White

Some of my favourite moments from 2018 above , including a couple of new images I’ve made and not quite had a chance to share just yet.

This year I’ve had some fascinating adventures behind the camera documenting the urban landscape – beginning with the demolition of the Broadmarsh Car Park in January , visiting Salford in May to see the Not Quite Light Weekend by fellow photographer Simon Buckley. Working with the lovely folks at Notts Tweetup documenting their fun networking throughout the year. Producing my first solo public exhibition with Cafe Sobar. More recently I’ve been exploring The Park Estate and examining how the use of use of gas lamps (low levels of light , historically accurate)  impacts on the urban landscape. To round off the year I’ve been working on a project documenting Nottingham’s architecture which I’ll share with an exhibition in the new year. I’ll also be sharing more of my work , building on my Cafe’ Sobar collection courtesy of Soul Hairdressing early in the new year. I’m looking at working a lot more with architects and designers – and have enjoyed spending time with those spaces.

I’ve picked up some fascinating assignments along the way – be it telling the story of Louise White and her theatrical performances , to helping an award winning estate agency tell the story of their business and people . I’ve more recently been documenting caves with Nottingham City Council – which I will be able to reveal early in the new year. I’ve expanded my Nottingham Calendar project for 2019 , working with many new retailers to get my craft inspiring as many people as possible to help raise funds for the Double Impact Charity.

Some thoughts on being in business…

It’s been ten years since I’d first picked up a camera in earnest as a teenager coming towards the end of my first term as a university student , and along the way I’m grateful for the joy of exploring that photography has presented me in that time along with many new friends , adventures and moments I’ve made along the way. I love photography – speaking through images and exploring ideas and things and the world around me from a place of curiosity – and I’m fairly good as it (or I’d like to think 😉 .

Being on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s and an introverted person it would serve me very nicely if marketing were simply an exercise in sharing the images I speak through , with social media seeming like a useful tool for this. It’s been fabulous to have seen and been inspired by many great photographers especially through Twitter and this is something I’ve enjoyed throughout and I’ll be sharing plenty of my work this way. But the main thing I’ve learnt is that in 2018 this isn’t really enough for me to have a sustainable business in the long run.

I’ve needed to bite the bullet and do things which I don’t particularly feel comfortable with personally – mostly exhibiting accepting me and my work needs to have a level of visibility which the online world cannot solely provide. (Not to start off with). I’ve struggled with self worth for quite a few years and.Thanks to my Princes Trust mentor  I’ve been guided to come to terms with the need to really come out of my comfort zone and build relationships more proactively to build the business opportunities for myself. Having struggled for self worth in the past I now am beginning to see that my work is just my work and not a reflection of me (although I’ve worked hard to put it together).

Next year I to really develop my email newsletter list – and you can see this  starting with the signup banner above – I’m thinking that I’ll be giving away some prints of what I’ve made in 2019 – watch this space.

I’ll end this post with three books I’ve found of use :

Stories (ebook , after signing up for her very useful newslettter) – Jen Carrington

Some truisms about running a creative business in the form of a series of mini-essays , which I’ve found of great use.

Visionmongers – David Duchemin

Learnt quite a bit from David’s blogs and writing about entrepreneurship , and this book is a useful overview of developing commercially as a photographer.

One thing – Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Asking the right questions in life really helps – and this book offers a very useful template to make sure things get done.




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