Highlights from Light Night ’18

27th March 2018
by Lamar Francois

A short selection of the things I got to see while on walkabout at this year’s Light Night festival in Nottingham back on February. From top to bottom :

1 , 2 / UV painting as part of a low light arts collective hosted by Emily Catherine and Georgina Wilding held at City Arts. The paint would be applied on top of existing artworks – with pieces being transformed once UV light was applied.

3/ Juggling with Fire on Sneinton Market with Carla Bradley

4,5/ Shadow puppetry , and a mini music festival were one of the many things also to be seen at Sneinton Market , which was very popular

6/ A look inside at the workspace of illustrator Corrina Rothwell at Curious? , with plenty of interesting renderings of cats.

7/ Live music at Emmanuel House , a local homeless hostel who had installed coloured lighting and opened up part of their premises for the evening.

8/ A dizzying step inside The Dazzling Dodecahedron by Amberlights.

9, 10/A tunnel of light showcasing artwork from local schoolchildren derived from recycled plastics at St Mary’s , working in collaboration with Sarah Turner



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