Art of the Night : Riverside Festival ’17

25th August 2017
by Lamar Francois

Nottingham’s Riverside Festival this year came around at just the right time for it to be a chance to test some new camera equipment, funded courtesy of the Prince’s Trust  –  and see what it would do with of my annual fireworks challenge!

Extremely pleased with the results – most of the images apart from the first (14-24 f/2.8) and last (80-200mm f/2.8) were made with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens which I took delivery of and unboxed earlier in the day. As a result I focussed mostly on seeing candid scenes around the fairground and craft stalls to get a feel for what the lens could do and what kind of subject isolation you can get at f/1.4 on a full frame camera (Nikon D4) . Having spent the majority of my time using my D300 crop bodies , I’m taking special care to get my head around all of the changes in a low-pressure way before I use it in my client work.

The images here are of the Saturday evening in chronological order here starting after the main headline fireworks image , showing a variety of scenes and happenings as the evening went on.



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    These are timeless photos: in a way beautiful and sad, even tragic. You pick up the child like desire in the adults, to make everything right in the theatre of this festival very sensitively, without judgement. This is great Nottingham work.

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