A word from my clients… Matt Turpin , City of Literature

11th September 2017
by Lamar Francois
  • Poetry Reading , Five Leaves Bookshop , Nottingham City of Liter

I’m more than pleased to share this lovely testimonial come through from Matt Turpin from the Nottingham City of Literature project. Had the pleasure of working with the team producing a series of images documenting their project for UNESCO last December.

“We were asked by UNESCO to provide a series of iconic photos that showed Nottingham as a City of Literature. We approached Lamar for the project after seeing his unique, striking work in publications and online. He worked with us on the brief, providing valuable input which allowed us to focus the project. He was continually communicative, and we were highly impressed with the resultant images, which we’ve used in our various international promotional materials to great acclaim’ 

Read more about the people I’ve been fortunate to help with my vision here.



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