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25th August 2015
by Lamar Francois
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Am happy to be finally able to take the wraps from the new www.picturedbylamar.co.uk website today. This project has been something I’ve worked on for the past four months and I now am at the point where I have enough content to go ahead and launch. This is the first website I’ve put together since I had a hobbyist showcase four years ago.

Ups and downs

In terms of me and photography it has been a journey with ups and downs! Since leaving university three years ago I first went down a path which was unsustainable in the long term – and I was reluctant to realise this and lost quite a bit of confidence at first as a result , particularly towards the end of 2013 as I wasn’t seeing the end results I needed despite working hard. Since then I’ve managed to slowly build back my confidence , learn a bit more about what I needed to do and have been convinced I may well be onto something! All thanks in no small part to some business coaching courtesy of I am Auriel and the Real Creative Futures scheme run by the New Arts Exchange in Nottingham.

Since my first website I’ve been reliant on social media to post my work and get it seen as my  facebook and twitter followers know well . However I now am at the stage where not having a brand behind what I do is holding me back , and this website aims to fix that! I’ll be still on social media posting my work , but there will be more emphasis on writing content for this site here.

This site’s content…

In terms of content there’s the main things I need to sell my work –  client testimonials , projects , and my ideas around the medium of photography. But also I aim to be rebooting  a former blog I had on the craft of photography – How To Make Pictures. There will be a mix of new articles in addition to some older pieces I wrote discussing technical aspects of photography. These include seeing lighting situations , how to depict motion amongst some other ideas I have.

For my blogs I hope to have the complete finished take of my 24-hour photowalk in central London written up quite soon – spread over 12 articles as I managed to make a lot of pictures!

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I help creative people and brands be heard through applying my unique vision of photography as both an art and a science.
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    Great work! Your brand and website looks very slick. Congratulations on all your hard work 🙂

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