6 years of Nottingham’s Light Night

5th February 2016
by Lamar Francois
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For the seven years I’ve been making photographs ,Nottingham’s Light Night has always been a significant date in my calendar – the art installations I saw on my first visit in 2010 really helped to spark my interest in the medium as I got to see what I could do with light.

With this year’s event due tonight I’ve had a dig through my photographic archives and found some interesting material from the years to look back upon. From top to bottom :

2010 : Peaceful pyramids emitting a calm glow as onlookers walk past.

2011 : Blocks of polystyrene were lit up outside St Mary’s Church in the Lace Market for this particular year – liking the angular nature of this with the futuristic vibe going on.

2012: Nottingham Castle with gelled floodlights adding plenty of colour and creating a magical scene combined with the evening’s snowfall.

2013 : An installation in Old Market Square from a team at the University of Nottingham’s School of Built Environment , in a very similar spirit to the Bird’s Nest of Beijing.

2014 : A capture of the interior of St Mary’s Church , specially lit up for the event with a carol service also being performed.

2015: Two actors from a spooky open-air theatre performance “Lunarescent” in the Lace Market Square.



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