Places and Cities…

Exploring cities : Library of Birmingham

In March 2017 I got to visit the Library of Birmingham to make a series of photographs showcasing it’s quirky and imaginative exterior , and interior design mostly from a […]

25th August 2017

An evening with the “Togs” of Derby…

Some takes above from the first part of a good Thursday evening spent walking around and exploring the urban landscapes of Derby City Centre for the first time in a […]

An evening in Southwell , Nottinghamshire

Here’s what I came up with from a spontaneous off the cuff photo walk from around the town of Southwell in Nottinghamshire one evening back , a week or so […]

16th April 2017

A wall of stained glass – Coventry Cathedral

Thought I’d share with you some abstract views of the famous full-height stained glass mosaic window at Coventry Cathedral , made last October. Have been toying around with these as […]

6th February 2017

Photo of the Month December ’16 : The Christmas Rush

It’s not long until Christmas , and as such I thought it fitting to tease another image from the 2017 Nottingham Calendar. This time round I’ve presented a view of […]

On chasing carts with shiny toys…

An interesting evening yesterday was spent in Beeston , Nottinghamshire – the original plan was to take a look at some new lights installed to St John’s the Baptist Church […]

Postcards of Manchester : Seeing Double

A look at the Northern Quarter , Manchester through some of the many energetic street murals I came across – a very visual and visceral demonstration of the creative industries […]

Postcards from York #2 : In the night trails of the cathedral…

In these second set of images I look at York Cathedral once again , but this time framed by the architecture and shop windows of Stonegate – where plenty of […]

Quick takes – Making graffiti…

Just before my latest rowing assignment on Saturday I had a brief opportunity to take a look at some great street art being painted on the shutters of long-derelict units […]

Looking north….

I’ve been spending the last month taking advantage of a chance to get out of my backyard metaphorically with a spot of travel and this is a small snippet of […]

Pictured by Lamar | Places and Cities…
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