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An evening with the “Togs” of Derby…

Some takes above from the first part of a good Thursday evening spent walking around and exploring the urban landscapes of Derby City Centre for the first time in a […]

18th June 2017

Of ultracold atoms… (Creative Reactions)

As part of the Creative Reactions event I’ve been invited alongside with other prominent local creatives by STEM Outreach Nottingham to tell the story of science to the wider public. […]

5th May 2017

How to Make Pictures , Q&A – Volume 1 , on f-stops

The role aperture plays within photography will introduce the first of a new series of articles in which I explore various technical and artistic aspects of photography in depth and […]

6th April 2017

Nottingham Fashion Week ’17 – The Independent Parade

Saturday afternoon saw Nottingham play host to parade  featuring fashion models – all dressed with collections from a massive variety of independent fashion designers based within the city. The event […]

26th March 2017

On Assignment : Chilwell Olympia Karate School

Some takes from some karate spars at the Chilwell Olympia Karate School , led by instructor Pasq Mura , in Chilwell , Nottingham. Pasq had contacted me in February to […]

15th March 2017

On assignment : Nottingham City of Literature

In the last three months I was comissioned to produce a bank of images documenting and storytelling Nottingham’s successful City of Literature bid over the past three months. The images […]

14th February 2017

A wall of stained glass – Coventry Cathedral

Thought I’d share with you some abstract views of the famous full-height stained glass mosaic window at Coventry Cathedral , made last October. Have been toying around with these as […]

6th February 2017

2016 Review Part 3 : In twenty images , continued

In completing my look back at 2016 I present a second set of photographic highlights from the past year with commentary. In the first two parts of the review I […]

29th January 2017

2016 Review Part 2 : In twenty images

After talking about my year from a personal and business standpoint in the previous part of this review series I’ve picked twenty photographs which I feel sum up 2016 and […]

3rd January 2017

2016 in review – Part 1 : My year and things I’ve learned

Introducing the first part of my review of 2016 where  I’m looking back at the year in terms of how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned as a photographer.  In […]

31st December 2016
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